Newsletter 4, 1st July 2020

Newsletter 4

Hi all

So to start with some really good news – Avon Tyrell are open and taking bookings for our rally – dates if you need reminding are Friday the 24th July to Saturday 1st August.

We will all have had very different experiences in lockdown no doubt but a holiday is definitely what’s needed right now.

To book online go to
or search Avon Tyrell and click on the booking portal choose the Cycling UK tab

Alternatively call 01425 672347 and somebody will help or arrange a call back to help you get booked.

Some things will look the same – we expect to have a nice relaxed, not over organised week but some things will be different:

  • Cycling UK information is still to cycle in groups of 6 so we will need to be mindful to comply with that, if it is still the case at the end of July.
  • Avon Tyrell are going to do two deep cleans of the shared toilet facilities daily and another two wipe downs of prominent surfaces, ie door handles etc.
  • The hand dryers will be replaced with paper towels
  • There will be hand gels, etc available for use and we would recommend you may like to have your own to take on rides
  • Numbers of people inside the facilities at any one time will be limited
  • The biggest change is to the camping field – Avon Tyrell are, like other similar businesses, very hard hit financially by recent events and, as we do not overfill the field we use in normal times, realistically numbers may be lower than usual this year. Because of this they intend to partition the field giving us the lower half from the trees mid-field down to the lake

I realise this is disappointing and there will be concerns around sharing the field – this is a very unusual year in every way but I’m sure we will pull together and all look out for the safety of our cycling family

Lightweight campers – this will mean that your usual area will be very separate from the rest of the rally which would be a real shame, so we are reserving a designated area at the bottom of the field, just up from the washing-up area for small tents to congregate

  • Monday – AGM will be held outside, weather permitting, with another date and the Marquee available as back ups
  • Sunday – Barn dance is not possible but could be replaced by a quiz – do we have any volunteers to set a round or two? Feel free to email questions for inclusion
  • Wednesday – We will hold the children’s time trial weather permitting with another date as back up
  • Friday – We will have a communal bring your own meal – this can be a BBQ if you wish but we can’t provide the usual communal cooking facility so please bring whatever suits your group
  • Other activities are welcome. I will approach our lovely volunteers from previous years to see if bike skills and yoga are offered again – you may have other skills to share if so please email or discuss when we get there
Rally Cycling Shirts

We had really hoped to introduce these this year but, due to the late notice that the rally can go ahead, there will not be enough time to do this. So there will be a shirt to view (see preview in Feb Newsletter) and we will be able to take bookings for next year.

Finally I know some of you, for your own reasons will not be able to join us this year if you still feel it’s too soon to end shielding for you or it’s impossible to get here (shout out to half my family among others). Please know that we will miss you and you will be very much in our thoughts.


Secretary New Forest Cycling Rally

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