Newsletter 1 – 6th February 2020

Hi all and welcome to the first of our newsletters – I hope that wherever you are the weather is being kind enough for you to get out for a ride or two

The committee are getting ready for another New Forest week and look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones 
Hopefully you are aware of the dates and booking holiday if you need to 😎
But just in case dates are Friday the 24th July to Saturday 1st August
The week will follow the usual fairly relaxed informal program, we have booked the barn dance, there will be our AGM, the children’s time trials and activities day
Subject to the continued support of our amazing volunteers we hope the bike skills, bike limbo and yoga for cyclists will continue – you are welcome to come up with additional ideas especially if you can volunteer to help organise them!
One thing that is different this year is that Avon Tyrell will allocate electric pitches so as you make your booking do make them aware of particular pitch numbers if you have a preference and/or if you want to be with another group of family or friends tell Avon Tyrell who or book for them – if you dont want electric then just come prepared for the first arrival to bag all the space you will need 
Bookings are open now for you follow this link: or search Avon Tyrell & click on the booking portal choose the cycling uk tab

Alternatively call 01425 672347 and somebody will help or arrange a call back to help you get booked

And I’m delighted to give you a first peek at the cycling shirts we discussed at last years AGM:

I’m sure you’ll agree we will look very smart and promote our great holiday wearing these 

This newsletter will be saved (under Newsletters) for future reference on our website: which is a great place to look for information about the week past and present do save it to your favourites

Ill be in touch again nearer the time 

Happy Cycling 


New Forest Cycling Rally Secretary

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Emails are always sent out as a BCC (blind copy) so that your details are kept private. However it is possible that an error can occur and your mail address could inadvertently be visible to others on the list. Bearing this in mind if you wish your mail address to be removed from the list just let me know.

If you do not plan to come to the rally in the future, please let me know and again I can take you off the list.

You do not need to contact me if you are happy to remain on the list for future information on the New Forest Cycle Rally

3 thoughts on “Newsletter 1 – 6th February 2020”

  1. Carsten Schmidt/DK

    Thanks for the Newsletter on this summer’s cycling week. I seriously hope everyone is well and I hope to see you all at Avon Tyrrell.
    All the best,
    Carsten Schmidt/DK

  2. Andrew Newey

    I Like the New Forest and also the Forestry Tracks and also the disused railway track to Brocken Hurst and also the Canadian war Memorial and also the Portuguese Fire Place in amongst the Trees of the New Forest

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