Attention Ride Leaders Old & New

Hi all,

Following on from the last newsletter and amongst all the stuff about the change of campsite, did anyone notice the bit at the bottom about *FREE* ride leadership training?
As those of you who attend the rally regularly will know, we always need ride leaders to take people out on our daily rides.
If you are registered as a ride leader for a club then you should have received an invitation to this training and we would encourage you to take the opportunity.
If you are a member of Cycling UK and haven’t received the invitation then you can be registered as a ride leader as part of the rally¬† group; so why not email me and get yourself signed up for the *free* leadership training? (Please confirm your Cycling UK membership number so that they can register you.)
Looking forward to lots of replies,
Anna and the Committee

1 thought on “Attention Ride Leaders Old & New”

  1. Thanks for the info about ride leaders Anna. I’m sure this will be of interest to lots of people. Cheers… Bob

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