Draft 2019 AGM minutes

Minutes of New Forest Cycling week AGM for 2019

Meeting Held on Monday 29 July 2019 from 8.15pm.
Current Committee:- Sharon Clifford (Chairperson ) Rupert Harris (Treasurer)
Geoff Clark (Secretary/Site Organiser) Alison Baker (Activities Coordinator)
Alastair Petrie ( Webmaster ) plus 36 including members and non members.

Meeting chaired by Sharon Clifford who first of all introduced herself to the meeting with some background information. Sharon then welcomed everybody to the rally and this year’s AGM. Sharon thanked the committee and helpers. Sharon also introduce Tom Page from CyclingUK and thanked him for coming to the meeting.

Apologies for Absence

No absences mentioned at the meeting but Geoff has since heard from Pat Mitchell who is in France and confirmed she was happy to take on the role of Auditor.

Financial Report

Rupert Harris Treasurer circulated copies of the accounts which showed a closing balance of £* compared to the previous year of £*. Rupert was happy we continue to fund events like the Band for the Barn Dance and supply refreshments for the Barn Dance and AGM. Theses expenditures where for the benefit of all people attending the rally. Rupert felt we still had a healthy reserve and we should continue to subsidise expenditure where this to the benefit of the majority of rally goers.

Secretary / Site Organiser Report

Geoff firstly confirmed that he would be stepping down from the position and thanked everybody for their support. He gave special mention to Lyn his wife and Bob Cooper who have given him tremendous help and support whilst carrying out these duties.
Regarding rally numbers this year, Geoff has several forms to come in, but at present numbers were looking around 135 people, last year the figure was 140. There are a number of first timers, but Geoff can recall 15 people who have not attended this year for various reasons. Hence the need to attract new people. Bob had printed 200 publicity cards to give to potential rally goers for next year. Geoff distributed these amongst rally goers to hand out during the week whilst cycling in the New Forest.
Cycling UK are keen to send a photographer and Peter Cornish was coming on Tuesday, but because of the weather this had been re- arranged for Thursday.
The plan is to all meet up for a group photo, then 4 rides will go off at staggered times to meet up at 1.00pm for a ‘Rally Picnic’ Peter will ride with a group in the morning and another group in the afternoon.


Alastair Petrie introduced himself to the meeting. Alastair explained he had been doing some updating work on the website which went live two weeks ago. He asked people to go onto the website and have a look and he would be very pleased to receive there feed back and comments. Alastair outlined an idea to introduce the facility for people to sign in to the club website to look at extra pages where for example people could give a write up on a ride where they were the leader or taking part on a ride. Alastair is looking further at the practicality of this idea.

Activities Coordinator.

Alison Baker introduced herself to the meeting. Alison talked about a new activity this year ‘Yoga sessions’ one session has taken place already and has proved very popular. A show of hands confirmed sessions in the evening would be the most popular time around about 6.15 pm. Richard and Sue were thanked for volunteering to provide these sessions free of charge. Alison confirmed she had received a number of volunteer helpers to help with the children’s time trial. She asked people to keep an eye on the chalk board as the weather tomorrow was not looking good to hold this event and may be changed to either Wednesday or Thursday.

Election Of Committee.

After discussion the following people were unanimously elected by Cycling Uk members for the following positions.

Chairperson – Sharon Clifford
Treasurer – Rupert Harris
Secretary – Anna Russell
Site Organiser – David Haward
Activities Coordinator- Alison Baker
Webmaster – Alastair Petrie
Marie Cook – Ordinary Committee Member


A point was raised by Sharon to investigate the possibility of people who book for the rally are able to download and complete at home the ‘Cycling UK Forms’ then bring them along to the rally when checking in. This would speed up the checking in process and be less stressful for people who have just completed long journeys. We would need to check with Avon Tyrrell, to see if this is possible, also with their form?
These points to be followed up by Anna the newly appointed secretary.

Linda Scott raised the point of single use plastic for drinks. It was suggested that people to bring along their own drinking cups or glasses to solve this issue.

As the newly appointed Site Organiser David agreed to take over the lighting and organisation of this year’s BBQ on Friday evening so they are ready to be used from 6.30pm

Marie Cook raised the situation of first aider’s and first aid kits. Avon Tyrrell have staff trained in First Aid and if any issues come up on site, then the first point of contact would be AT. For out of hours there is an emergency number. It was recommend all leaders carry a first aid kit for minor injuries, otherwise they contact the emergency services if felt necessary.

Marie Cook also raised the idea of a club specific designed proper ‘cycling Jerseys’ rather than the current green tee shirts which were supplied for the 40 year celebration in 2014. The cost of the 2014 shirts were approximate £6-7 and part funded by the club. It was suggest a Cycling Jersey would cost about £50 – £60. There was little enthusiasm amongst the members for people prepared to pay these prices. A further show of hands showed a proximately 15 people would pay up to £30.

Ian Hewitt raised the question of the light weight camping area. Geoff explained that because of greater use of the top field by Avon Tyrrell for activities, they do not want us camping or parking cars in this area next year. In which case, Ian asked if we could have a specific cordoned off area for ‘light weight campers’ which was car free within the exits rally field. This will be followed up by David Haward Site Coordinator.

Finally Geoff was thanked by Sharon for his services to the New Forest Rally. Geoff was put forward by rally members for a Cycling Uk award and was present by Sharon with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for being a ‘Finalist – for the ‘exceptional Individual, Cycling Group UK Volunteer Awards 2019’.

The meeting closed at 9.30 pm and was followed by wine & cheese.

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  1. Hi Alistair
    Hope you are well And enjoyed the rest of the summer.
    The family and I had a great time on the rally and will be back next year. I filled our there registration form for the site, as I will write up our experiences as first timmers. If you could approve this it would be great.
    User name is morganfield.
    Thanks Morgan

    1. Blimey, sorry not looked here for a couple of weeks. Hope you haven’t lost your enthusiasm.

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