Date for 2022 Rally


Avon Tyrell have confirmed our booking for the same week in 2022 which will be Friday 22 July to Saturday 30 July 2022. Please check the Newsletters section for the latest.

4 thoughts on “Date for 2022 Rally”

  1. Maureen Flint

    Your rally looks great fun and I am interested in attending the 2020 rally with a friend, I would like electric hook-up, when will we be able to book this?
    Thank you
    Maureen Flint

    1. David Haward Organisor

      Hi Maureen

      Yes you can, but you need to book by telephone with Avon Tyrell direct. The number is 01425 672347.

  2. tarmacalastair

    It is indeed great fun. Bookings aren’t usually open until the new year. If you’d like to email the secretary Anna, at and ask to be added to the email list then she will let everyone know when bookings open.
    Look forward to seeing you next year.

  3. Maureen Flint

    Hi David
    I have just booked with Avon Tyrell for my electric hook-up, so will be seeing you in July, arriving on Friday 24th.
    Best Wishes Maureen

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