URGENT Action Required – Pitch Shortages this year

Posted 29th June – Feedback needed by 5th July.

Hi everyone.

This year Avon Tyrrell have only been able to offer a limited number of camping pitches due to government restrictions so some of us have missed out.

Have you missed out?

Are you still keen to come to the rally if the government announces next week that it will be able to relax restrictions so that Avon Tyrrell can offer more pitches? With previous relaxations the government have announced decisions 2 weeks before. So on that basis we need to hear from you by Monday 5th July.

We don’t want to tell AT that we’ve got loads of people waiting to book and then find that they open up more places and nobody books because they’ve decided to do something else.

So, if you are definitely wanting to book if more spaces become available, please follow this link to the form to fill in. This will enable us to tell AT how many people will definitely come and they might be able to offer pitches to us, instead of the general public. Please don’t fill in the form if you are still only a maybe. Obviously we can’t predict what AT will do but we’re hoping that they will be able to open up more pitches next Monday.

Please use this form to express your wishes.



New Forest Rally Secretary

2 thoughts on “URGENT Action Required – Pitch Shortages this year”

  1. Mark Collins

    Hi Anna,
    I have filled in the form and submitted it, however the form is not very precise and does not convey what I am really asking for.
    For example it asks for numbers of children but does not have a zero option so I have had to put 1 otherwise the form would not submit.
    Also it asks for a yes or no answer to the number of nights I am seeking. Avon Tyrrell have already allocated nights 1 to 4 inclusive for me and said there was no further availability. The form will not submit if I leave it blank so I have asked for all 8 nights when in actual fact I am only asking for nights 5 to 8 inclusive.
    There is no comment box with the submission only here.
    Feel free to give me a call if convenient.
    Kind Regards

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