Newsletter 1 2022

Hello and a happy belated new year to you all.

I hope the weather is not being too unkind where you are but I’m aware for some of you it will have been challenging recently with wind and snow!

And so our thoughts turn to happy sunny days on a bike in the new forest.

This years dates if you need reminding are Fri 22nd July to Sat 30th July and booking is now open follow this link or call to organise your booking with the Avon Tyrell team directly.

Avon Tyrrell ( 01425 672347

After a difficult couple of years when we have counted ourselves lucky to have managed our lovely week away at all, we are hoping for a more normal week this year and we have booked the Barn Dance for Sunday 24th!!!

Alongside that we expect the usual children’s and family events subject as ever to the ongoing support of our wonderful group of volunteers! Traditional favourites now include bike skills, bike limbo, children’s time trials, group picnic, BBQ, quiz and yoga – that’s quite busy but if you have thoughts of other activities do share these with us as it’s fun to ring the changes sometimes.

We are expecting to order rally shirts again – please place your order here. In addition if anybody has anything they might be wanting to give or sell (nice children’s bikes for example) and you want to send me a picture I will be happy to include this in future newsletters to help people recycle.

This newsletter will be saved for future reference on our website which is a great place to look for information about the week past and present. Do save it to your favourites

Happy Cycling


New Forest Cycling Rally Secretary

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In order to update the list of contacts, and in line with data protection, would you please email me back if you wish to be taken off the email list.

Emails are always sent out as a BCC (blind copy) so that your details are kept private. However it is possible that an error can occur and your mail address could inadvertently be visible to others on the list. Bearing this in mind if you wish your mail address to be removed from the list just let me know.

If you do not plan to come to the rally in the future, please let me know and again I can take you off the list.

You do not need to contact me if you are happy to remain on the list for future information on the New Forest Cycle Rally

2 thoughts on “Newsletter 1 2022”

  1. This is going to be my first year here. Do i need to book up for activities ie barn dance etc? If so, how do i do it?

    1. tarmacalastair

      Sorry for the late reply. There are activities for children organised by the campsite owners, Avon Tyrrell which need to be booked directly with them but might interfere with family rides.

      All the activities organised by us, the rally are post-ride and are just “turn up and enjoy” events…

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