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MOBAC – Mobile Atlas Creator

See here for info on creating the source for own maps like for Bing below:

Register for a Bing Maps API key

Go here to register:

Create an xml file in the mapsources folder under the MOBOC 2.0 install location. Filename doesn’t matter but must have “.xml” suffix, say “os.xml“.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<name>OS Maps with Key</name>

Registering the key (in case the URL above stops working)

Creating a Bing Maps Key

Go to the Bing Maps Dev Center at

If you have a Bing Maps account, sign in with the Microsoft account that you used to create the account or create a new one. For new accounts, follow the instructions in Creating a Bing Maps Account.

Select My keys under My Account.

Select the option to create a new key.

Provide the following information to create a key:

Application name: Required. The name of the application.

Application URL: The URL of the application. This is an optional field which is usefull in helping you remember the purpose of that key in the future.

Key type: Required. Select the key type that you want to create. You can find descriptions of key and application types here.

Application type: Required. Select the application type that best represents the application that will use this key. You can find descriptions of key and application types here.

Click the Create button. The new key displays in the list of available keys. Use this key to authenticate your Bing Maps application as described in the documentation for the Bing Maps API you are using.

Allow MOBAC to download Openstreetmap tiles

See this page for detail on how to change the user agent to fool Openstreetmap to think you are using a browser rather than MOBAC to fetch tiles – ingenious:

Quote from the page above (in case it disappears:

changing <userAgent> to a recent build of Firefox <userAgent>Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:49.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/49.0</userAgent> in MOBAC’s settings.xml does the job.

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